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Rick Mathis, Director of National Auto Glass

For many years your choice when replacing your windshield or other glass in your vehicle has been driven by price and speed of service. While both of these factors are still important, as we move into a new generation of what we call “smart vehicles” that often include many new safety features, we must rethink how and from whom we purchase replacement windshields.

Vehicles today often include safety features that use the windshield, cameras, and various sensors to help protect the occupants. These ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance) systems make carefully choosing a glass company more important than ever.  New techniques, tools, training, and the proper replacement parts are a must in today’s auto glass replacement.

Using the proper adhesives that meet a fast cure drive away time is very important for safety – allowing your vehicle to be safe in a crash as soon as 30 minutes after the installation.  Additionally, vehicles manufactured in 2013 and later could be equipped with several other options, such as; lane departure warning system, lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, and parking assist.  These vehicles require a quality glass to function with the camera systems on your car or truck. They also require proper installation and typically require recalibration of the camera system or safety system integrated with your car’s computer so that they function as new and by the OEM specifications. 

Binswanger Glass is at the forefront in maintaining these new and exciting technologies.  We employ only certified technicians all that are qualified for these vehicles and we offer continuing education to keep our employees’ skills up to date.  We are an AGSC and AGRSS certified company and have completed many independent audits to comply to these standards. We also have the equipment and the knowledge to recalibrate your car to keep the OEM designed safety features working as they should to protect you and your family.  Our replacement parts meet the OEM requirements and in some instances, we use original equipment glass when required.

Drive safely!

Rick Mathis, Director of National Auto Glass


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