Emergency Board Up Services

So you’ve been burglarized. Whether at your home or your business, a burglary can be among the most distressing calamities you can face. The lucky among us don’t have much experience dealing with a crisis like this, so here are some tips on what to do if it happens to you.

First – if you are returning home or to work and notice signs of unlawful entry, don’t go in just yet. Call the authorities and make sure it is safe to enter. Intruders may still be inside. If you are not the homeowner or business owner, also call that owner to report the incident. If you’ve entered the building prior to realizing the break-in, try to avoid disturbing the scene to preserve any evidence until the police arrive. If you have touched anything, make a note of it and alert the authorities.

Once you have been given the OK to clean up, take a moment before you start to take photos of the scene, since your next call should be to your insurance provider. Write detailed notes about what may be missing or damaged. It will be helpful in the claims process if you have receipts or serial numbers for any missing items.

During your clean-up, be very careful when handling or disposing of any broken glass. Better yet, call a trusted glass provider like Binswanger Glass to safely handle glass clean-up for you. Chances are, you’ll need emergency board up services while you wait to get on the schedule for glass repair and replacement. This will keep the premises as secure as possible to deter any more theft or additional damage while scheduling repairs. This is possibly a requirement on your insurance policy to remain eligible for coverage. Something else to discuss with your glass service provider would be the possibility of upgrading to security glass to help prevent future incidents. This could open the potential for future insurance rate discounts, depending on your policy.

Talk to the police about when you can reopen for business as usual, and consider providing support for any staff, contractors or visitors who may be impacted or distressed by the incident.