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May 21, 2020

We can come to you! Safely and with limited contact.

We can come to you! Safely and with limited contact. Binswanger Glass is open for business. Over the last two months, our team has been busy installing windshield replacements and fabricating health & safety products such as sneeze guards and intubation boxes. We have also used this time to develop a comprehensive set of standardized operating procedures for our team to safely work on all of our customers’ vehicles; at your place or ours. It starts with self-assessment before our team even heads to work each day. Upon arrival and prior to entering each Binswanger location, all personnel’s body temperatures are tested using an infrared thermometer. We treat the interior of a Binswanger or customer vehicle as a “Clean Room”. Our policies require employees to approach vehicles with clean hands and wearing gloves. If the technician’s current gloves are dirty, they must don a fresh pair of gloves over them. Technicians are supplied with sanitizers and disinfectants to be readily accessible for spot cleaning as needed throughout the day. While wearing a clean mask and gloves, employees are required to thoroughly sanitize their company vehicle each afternoon prior to locking up for the night. This includes wiping down all interior surfaces, including but not limited to: steering wheel; turn signals; windshield wipers; radio and heating/cooling knobs; rearview/side mirrors; door handles; window handles /switches; arm rests; etc. Our team will use electronic communication whenever possible, including phone calls, texts and emails. And don’t worry about a pile of paperwork and insurance adjusters. Not only is everything digital, we have that covered too. Once onsite, technicians will wear a face mask and greet customers from a distance with a smile instead of a handshake. Our team will avoid standing within 6 feet of others and will point at items of discussion from a distance.

Some of our mobile auto glass services:
• Side window glass replacement
• Back window glass replacement
• Sunroof glass replacement
• Moonroof glass replacement
• Windshield replacement
• Windshield repair for small cracks and chips
• Custom Windshields
• Side and Rear-View Mirrors
• RV Windows

Our primary focus at Binswanger Glass continues to be the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and communities as a whole. Most Binswanger locations are OPEN Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and CLOSED, Saturdays and Sundays. Please visit our Locations page for exact hours and contact information. Setting up a mobile auto appointment with Binswanger Glass is easy. Call our Central Service team at 1.800.365.9922 or book online here.

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