Binswanger Glass has fabricated and installed thousands of permanent and temporary counter protectors, sneeze guards, and checkout shields to keep essential service employees and customers safe.

Binswanger’s Solution:

  • Table dividers, office barriers, vertical barriers, cashier panels, manicure table shields, food service barriers, desktop shields, screw-in dividers, and urinal dividers
  • Made in the USA from lightweight, high-strength glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate
  • Free-standing, mounted, or hanging
  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • Temporary and permanent options
  • Custom-built to your needs
  • Pass-throughs, holes, and transaction windows
  • Fast lead times
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We are honored to be recognized as a Glass Magazine Award “Innovation During Crisis” honoree for Binswanger’s intensive care unit intubation boxes. Read more here.

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Buses and Transportation

Bus and taxi driver shields are available now from Binswanger Glass.

  • Strong, lightweight Lexan – ¼” to ½.”
  • Durable continuous hinge prevents misalignment
  • Automatic closer
  • Magnetic latch
  • Additional fabrication available
  • Available for transit, coach, and school buses

Grocery Stores/Retailers

Binswanger Glass has the experience, footprint, and capability to supply barriers to single stores or large national chains from grocery stores to retailers and banks.

  • Glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate
  • Free-standing, mounted, or hanging
  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • Temporary and permanent options
  • Custom built to your needs
  • Pass-throughs, holes, and transaction windows
Binswanger Glass - Breath Barriers

Binswanger Glass Educational Breath Barriers

Educational Barriers

Trust Binswanger Glass for your school or classroom. Binswanger is here to help schools of all levels with extra safety measures.

  • Personal desktop shields
  • Table dividers
  • Cafeteria barriers
  • School bus shields
  • Urinal dividers


Binswanger Glass is proud to support hospitals, dentists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, and other healthcare professionals with glass partitions. Glass is the material of choice for healthcare as its non-porous surface is easy to clean and will not mold or attract bacteria. 

Binswanger Glass - Breath Barriers

Binswanger Glass - Intubation Box

Intubation Boxes

Intubation boxes are now available for shipping anywhere in the USA from Binswanger Glass. Custom sizes, aperture openings, and armhole sizes/placements available. Quick and easy assembly. Pick up/delivery of fully assembled units available from 60 locations in 13 states.


Binswanger Glass is fabricating over 2,000 polycarbonate shields for polling locations in each of Kansas’ 105 counties to use in the 2020 primary and general elections.

Binswanger Glass - Polling Shields
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Care Center Barriers

Binswanger Glass offers custom virus shields to help keep retirement and long-term care residents and their caregiver teams safer. Temporary and permanent barrier solutions available.


Add style, privacy, and hygiene to your office. From partitions to risers and reception shields, Binswanger Glass has your office barrier solutions covered.

Binswanger Glass - Breath Barriers
Binswanger Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions

If service life and appearance are an important consideration, glass has several advantages for physical barrier applications including withstanding repeated cleanings, and may be preferred for permanent and public-facing shield installations.

Polycarbonate and Acrylic Guards

For many temporary applications, poly-carbonate and acrylic materials are the best choices. These types of barriers are less expensive and easier to safely assemble and install. They are very strong, lightweight, and cost-effective to ship.

Binswanger Glass Acrylic Guards

Additional Commercial Services

Learn more about Binswanger’s Commercial services. Check out out our full Commercial glass page or choose from one of our services below.