2023 International Women’s Day

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In honor of 2023 International Women’s Day and Women in Construction Week, Binswanger Glass is proud to recognize the extraordinary efforts of our Gulf Coast Area Sales Representative, Jacque Freeman. We salute Jacque for her leadership, hard work and dedication within our team. For nearly two decades, Jacque has been a tireless advocate for equality and innovation in the glass and construction industries.

Jacque’s commitment to her goals and leadership skills have been instrumental in growing her territory and inspiring other women to pursue a career in the glass industry at Binswanger Glass. Her creativity, vision, and passion for making a difference have helped shape the landscape of our industry, especially in Texas. Our organization is privileged to have her on our team.

In 2005, Freeman started with Arch Aluminum & Glass as a receptionist quickly becoming part of the order entry department. “It was there I first began to soak up product specifications and limitations,” says Freeman. “I began to help learn about the needs of my retail glass clients.” Freeman was promoted to the manager of the all glass systems department mastering heavy showers, Herculite systems, handrails & spider walls. “I developed and lead a solid team of six inside sales reps and four fabricators on the production line,” says Freeman.

When Trulite merged with Vitro in 2011, Freeman continued to develop relationships with retail and commercial accounts for the next year. “In 2012, I wanted to learn more on a personal level,” says Freeman. “I went to a small retail glass company in north Houston where I perfected working a showroom with builders, remodelers, designers and homeowners. It sparked a fire in me that I was able to use my knowledge to help others accomplish major renovations which became a satisfying addiction to experience their joy when their dreams had been achieved.”

In 2013, Freeman joined Binswanger Glass as a City Service Sales Representative. “I learned fast that being a part of Binswanger, you are family and it has been the greatest blessing in my career thus far. I jumped in headfirst getting hands-on in-the-field training by some of the most knowledgeable managers, sales reps, CSRs, and glaziers in this industry. I built a strong rapport with my residential and maintenance accounts making sure they were taken care of the second they called.”

Freeman earned the nickname the ‘Shower Queen’ by her team. “It made me proud to hear some of my biggest role models call me that.” In 2015, Freeman turned her focus to commercial contract sales, building a large contractor base for multi-family renovations, mall renovations and new construction. “I found that the transition from residential shower blended smoothly with interior all glass commercial.

In 2019, Freeman was promoted to branch manager of Binswanger Glass of Houston/Willowbrook. “I knew it would be simple for the glaziers, sales reps and CSRs to work for me because of the respect we had built over the years working as a team.” At the end of 2022, Freeman was promoted again, this time as Gulf Coast Area Sales Representative. “I couldn’t be more excited to extend my coverage area working with my team members all over the south coast. It has been an exciting experience, traveling the area and developing new relationships.”

“As a female who has always been involved with more male dominated environments, some things are more obvious including distrust, disrespect, sexual harassment and unfair wages,” shares Freeman. “I have heard and experienced many negative things over the years, and I have overcome them all with grace. The real challenge lies within yourself. There are so many situations in life that pose challenges to hold people back in general, but that challenge can only truly be overcome if you don’t let it stop you. I have been in situations in the past that I have had to prove my point which sometimes seemed unachievable, yet I stood strong and provided knowledgeable guidance to change the outcome for the best.”

“You have to build trust that you are going to listen,” says Freeman. “Once you listen, and you’re able to absorb what they’re trying to say, you have to be very aware of their feelings and make sure that you’re understanding their viewpoint. Often, they’ve done it a certain way for so long, so you really have to go the overly considerate route and be empathetic about where they’re coming from.”

“I am eager to get hands-on experience,” says Freeman. “I’ve spent a lot of time onsite with our installers to understand what it takes for my team to work with our products and know how long they take to install. I have personally installed four frameless shower units and thirteen mirrors. I’ve laid out and installed brake metal. I’ve done punch list walkthroughs. One that had me cutting out caulking off a lift in sleet at midnight. I wouldn’t call myself a perfectionist, but I am very picky. Doing mall work and residential showers, there is a level of quality that you have to meet that is outside our industry’s normal standards.”

Freeman met her first female role model in this industry at Trulite Glass and Aluminum Terri Gilmore now with A3 Glass Fabricators. “Teri demonstrated to me as a woman in this industry that you can do anything you want. She taught me to stay knowledgeable, considerate, strong, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. My second mentor is Binswanger’s amazing Jennifer Brereton. From the first day we met, she has proven to me & so many others the positive outcomes us women can achieve while working together.”

“Community involvement is a very important part of my job and where I get the most satisfaction from,” says Freeman who is a member of multiple associations including as Houston Area Glass Association, Greater Houston Builders Association, Professional Women In Building & Building Owners and Managers Association. Freeman also contributes to community organizations like Habitat for Humanity, HomeAid Houston, Set Apart Farms Veteran’s, Montgomery County Women’s Center and Magnolia Senior Friendship Center.

Freeman’s notable career moments to date include being promoted with Binswanger Glass and being recognized by her peers as HAGA 2022 Glass Professional of the Year. “Getting promoted is an achievement that has shown me how much respect my company has for my ability to preform better than expected,” says Freeman. “Being voted the Vice President of the Houston Area Glass Association and getting to work with so many of the greatest in the industry for the past two years has been one of the greatest experiences of my whole career. I couldn’t ask for anything more!”