link.png Commercial Storefront Doors

The retail business is all about image and impression. So what could be more important than a welcoming entry into your establishment?

link.png Innovative Uses for Glass in the Home

Glass – it’s not just for windows anymore. Glass is such a versatile material that designers and architects continue to come up with unexpected ways to feature glass in all parts of the home.

link.png Why Did My Windshield Crack

At this time of year, we often get calls from customers saying they were surprised by a windshield crack that seemingly happened for no reason.

link.png Recycling Glass

Ever wonder where the glass in your home or auto comes from, or where the broken pieces go once they've been replaced?

link.png Switchable Glass

Switchable Glass, eGlass, Privacy Glass, Smart Glass, Dynamic Glass, Electrochromic Glass

link.png Becoming a Glazier

According to U.S. News and World Report, 'Glazier' is ranked as the 5th best job in the field of construction.

link.png Emergency Board Up Services

So you've been burglarized. Whether at your home or your business, a burglary can be among the most distressing calamities you can face.

link.png Protecting your Furniture with Glass

Furniture is an investment you make after careful consideration about style, durability and price.

link.png Security Glass / Bullet Resistant Glass

If you have a business that is particularly vulnerable to theft, like a jewelry store, or payday loan center, you may want to consider bulletproof glass.​

link.png Glass Pet Doors are an ideal solution

There’s no denying it, we all love our pets. Most of us probably even love walking them sometimes, but
not ALL the time – like when a favorite show is on, or an important phone call just came in. That’s why
for those with a fenced in yard, a secure pet door is so appealing.

link.png Replacement Glass for Heavy Equipment

Anyone that has worked with heavy equipment or farm machinery knows that they can be susceptible to flying debris. Broken glass on equipment used in construction, farming, and industrial applications is not just dangerous, it can cost hours of downtime on the job.

link.png Did you know your Windshield is a Safety Device?

For many years your choice when replacing your windshield or other glass in your vehicle has been driven by price and speed of service. While both of these factors are still important, as we move into a new generation of what we call “smart vehicles” that often include many new safety features, we must rethink how and from whom we purchase replacement windshields.

link.png Hurricane Proofing

While we are well into Hurricane season, there is still plenty of Hurricane season left. The risks for storm damage to your coastal home are at their peak from June 1 to November 30.

link.png Are Your Windows Foggy?

​By Andy Emmertz, Director of Operations, Eastern Region – Binswanger Glass

Fogged windows are a common problem for homeowners.

link.png Beautifying Your Storefront

First Impressions Count – Beautifying Your Storefront

By Richard Butcher, Director of Operations, Western Region – Binswanger Glass