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Ask Our Experts | Muscle Cars, Classics & Hot Rods

With the weather warming up and car show season fast approaching, Gearheads across the country are eager to get outside and show off the restorations they’ve been working on over a long, memorable winter. We sat down with renowned auto glass technician Chris Reynolds from Binswanger Glass of Chattanooga, TN to discuss classic cars and […]

Hiring Glaziers

There is a saying in the glass industry that if you work in it for a year, you will work in it for life. We proudly refer to ourselves as glass nerds, geeks, and if you level-up enough, one day you may achieve the ultimate accolade; glass guru. It’s a dynamic industry with tons of […]

2021 International Women’s Day

Tiffany Brown – The Glass Industry’s Super Woman “I am leading culture change in the industry,” says Tiffany Brown, Houston and Dallas Auto Center Manager for Binswanger Glass. “I will probably be the first to hire a female installer at our company. I find that women are incredibly detailed in what they do when they […]

How to Temporarily Cover a Broken Car Window

Shared with permission from If you have ever broken a car window and needed to cover the hole temporarily, you probably don’t take glass for granted the same way other people do. It’s easy to see why glass is taken for granted. By design, glass is meant to be forgotten. Most often, the purpose […]

Spring into Spring

Thinking about spring? So are we! After a long winter, we are understandably seeing an uptick in residential glass requests including window replacements, skylights, railings, patio doors and patio tables. If you are considering a home improvement project this year, now is the perfect time to speak with a residential glass expert from Binswanger Glass. […]

Ask Our Experts – Jason Tomlinson & COVID Barriers

As soon as coronavirus hit the shores of the United States, the team at Binswanger Glass, under the leadership of CEO Mark Newsome, re-tooled to help in the battle against COVID by providing retail shields to frontline workers. Binswanger Topeka was pivotal in developing a full line of custom and standardized barriers that were rolled […]

Surrender to the Spa Experience at Home

If happiness is a hot shower, a steam shower can be a slice of paradise. Enjoy the natural benefits of steam with a beautiful steam shower from Binswanger Glass. Steam clears nasal passages making it easier to breathe, and is also an excellent pre-shave treatment. Steam also improves circulation, which offers a host of health […]

Privacy Glass

Similar to how good fences make good neighbors, the best thing about privacy is that it works both ways. Enter Privacy Glass; balancing discretion, lighting, and style with a non-porous, easy clean surface. Privacy Glass is a catchall phrase that includes patterned, frosted, laminated, switchable, and printed glass. Patterned GlassAlso known as Textured Glass and […]

Wine Cellars

The Secret to Enjoying a Good Wine 1) Open the bottle and allow it to breathe. 2) If it does not look like it’s breathing, give it mouth-to-mouth. The only thing better than a bottle of wine is your very own cellar full of it. Many oenophiles (wine lovers) dream of building a beautiful wine […]

Winter Ready

Kids love the snow; however, for almost everyone else, the best part of winter is watching it on TV from the living room. It is safe to say that most people are happy when the snow stays in the mountains, where it belongs. Who doesn’t enjoy driving like they are playing Mario Kart in Sherbet Land?