Safe & Secure Service Windows  

Improve the security, energy performance, esthetics, employee comfort, and customer experience with operable, anodized aluminum transaction windows.  

Transaction windows provide a barrier between staff and customers. They are easy to clean with a non-porous surface that can be sterilized, and it doesn’t mold or attract bacteria. Binswanger Glass will meet or exceed your requirements. We work with banks, health care, schools, municipalities, hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, sports arenas and stadiums for a variety of transaction window requirements. 

Binswanger’s Solution

  • Drive-Thru Windows 
  • Ticket Windows 
  • Package Receivers 
  • Combo Windows 
  • Forced Entry-Resistant 
  • Ballistic-Resistant 
  • Laminated Safety Glass 

We have a dedicated team with the knowledge and expertise to help get you what you need. 

Additional Commercial Services

Learn more about Binswanger’s Commercial services. Check out out our full Commercial glass page or choose from one of our services below.