Curtain Wall

Pushing the envelope of curtain wall installation. Modern curtain wall systems clad building facades with glass and metal to protect the interior and its occupants from the elements and create a safe and comfortable environment.  

Designed to resist water and air infiltration, curtain wall systems also withstand sway created by wind, seismic activity, and the system’s own weight. Curtain wall systems are the standard choice for commercial buildings. High performance curtain wall systems provide excellent insulation properties and can reduce energy costs by keeping the inside of the building warm in winter and cool in summer.

Binswanger Glass works with all major curtain wall systems including Kawneer, Oldcastle, Tubelite, US Aluminum, and YKK.   

Binswanger’s Solution

Binswanger Glass offers a range of installation and aesthetic options to meet your project needs. 

  • Stick Built Curtain Wall
    • Inside, Outside and Structurally Glazed Options 
  • Unitized Curtain Wall 
  • Veneer Curtain Wall 
  • Window Wall Curtain Wall 
  • Engineering Services 
  • Project Management  
  • Hurricane Resistance 
  • Blast Mitigation 
  • Sustainable Design 

We have a dedicated team with the knowledge and expertise to help get you what you need.

Additional Commercial Services

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