Pet Doors

Providing your pet the ability to move more freely can limit accidents and allow them access to fresh air and play. In glass pet doors are a great solution. They allow your pet a convenient and aesthetically pleasing way in and out.

Directly through glass pet doors are less obtrusive, secure, and weathertight. Binswanger Glass is an authorized installer of Security Boss in-glass pet doors and has helped countless customers allow their pets more freedom.

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In Glass Pet Doors

Binswanger Glass chose to work with Security Boss precisely because they are the world’s premier pet door manufacturer. Boasting America’s top sealing and best-insulated pet doors. Not to mention the most secure pet doors on the market today.

Have Questions about Pet Doors?

In Glass Pet Doors FAQ

Do in glass pet doors require a glazer?

Yes, you will need the assistance of a professional glazer when installing an in-glass doggy door. They will measure, cut, and install for you. We do not recommend attempting to install yourself.

Will my in glass doggy door keep out the weather?

Yes, a multi-flap system ensures you keep conditioned hot and cold air in, while keeping the outside elements out.

Will I have to replace flaps and parts every year for my dog door?

Security Boss pet doors are designed and engineered with durable, quality components to provide a long-lasting lifespan. Occasionally, to keep your pet door functioning at its highest performance, you may have to replace some accessories.

Are there custom sizes and various color options available?

Absolutely, there is a gambit of various sizes to accommodate any size pet. As well as multiple color options available to choose from.

Are pet doors secure?

Yes, security panels keep your home secure from any unwanted guests entering through your pet door.