Weather the Storm

In some regions of the US, hurricanes and violent tropical storms with severe winds and wind-borne debris occur and can cause significant and devastating damage to buildings. In these regions, windows, doors, skylights, and façades need to be able to survive the storm without having the external surfaces of the building breached. Windborne often wildly flies about, impacting the buildings. 

Hurricane glass is designed to protect against strong winds, flying debris, and other hazardous elements that can occur during a hurricane. This type of glass is usually composed of tempered or laminated safety glass which has been tested and certified for use in these extreme conditions.

The use of hurricane glass can resist the penetration of common debris thus protecting the building from the threats of excessive internal pressurization. The ability for hurricane glazing to stay in place during the cyclical loads caused by a hurricane also serves to protect occupants, possessions, and building interiors

Binswanger’s Solution

  • Hurricane Glass meets or exceeds the requirements for large missile and wind load 
  • ASTM E1996 Standard Specification for Performance of Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, Doors and Impact Protective Systems Impacted by Windborne Debris in Hurricanes 
  • New Construction 
  • Retrofits 
  • Curtain Wall Systems 

We have a dedicated team with the knowledge and expertise to help get you what you need. 

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