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Build the wine cellar of your dreams

Binswanger Glass Custom Wine Cellar and Railing Combo

The only thing better than a bottle of wine is your very own cellar full of it. Binswanger Glass leads the way in wine storage solutions and has been the foremost choice of wine lovers and wine related businesses for nearly 150 years.

Binswanger Glass has innovative solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. Every wine cellar enclosure is custom designed and built to meet each client’s specific tastes.

Binswanger Glass offers wine cellar enclosure solutions for any budget with a wide range of glass and hardware options including 3/8” – ¾” single pane monolithic safety glass for the frameless “all-glass” look. Dual-pane, sealed, insulating glass units are also available to conserve energy, stabilize temperatures, control humidity and sound transmission.

No matter what your wine cellaring scenario is, Binswanger Glass can help you develop a plan for ideal performance and carefree wine storage.