Keeping your Glass Shower Doors Looking Great

So you’ve remodeled your bathroom into a spa-like retreat. You’ve selected the perfect tile, sinks, mirrors, and the perfect glass enclosure for your shower. Now you just want to make sure your shower glass continues to sparkle for years to come. Even the best designs can be diminished by a film of soap scum!

If you had a factory sealant applied to the glass before installation, then good on you! This type of sealant is completely invisible and creates an almost Teflon-like finish, where water just beads up and rolls right off the glass. Plus, they protect the glass from chemicals and minerals that can build up and cause damage over time. Products like this often come with warranties up to ten years long; some even offer lifetime warranties! If you didn’t select this option, don’t fret. Coatings like these can also be applied to your glass shower enclosure after the fact.

You’ll still want to perform regular maintenance by occasionally using an ammonia free glass cleaner. It is best to avoid harsh, abrasive or acid-based cleaners, as they can mar the glass surface. Some homeowners swear by simply spraying a white vinegar solution and rinsing with water. Plus, the vinegar kills bacteria, mold and mildew.

An easy way to prevent build-up altogether is to multi-task – make cleaning a part of your daily routine as you are finishing up your shower. The warm water will have already loosened up any dirt. If you just keep a squeegee hanging in the shower, you can squeegee your shower door after each use. It will do wonders in preventing hard-water deposits and build-up. If you can get your family to go along with this routine, it won’t be necessary to clean shower doors as often, only to occasionally shine things up by spraying your vinegar solution.

For tougher hard water stains, there is another useful item in your pantry: baking soda. Just make a paste by mixing baking soda with water and apply it with a cloth or sponge and put a little elbow grease behind it. Another little trick to get really stubborn stains off of shower doors that works well to remove mineral deposits and hard water stains that just don’t want to budge is to use the same cleaner that you use on your glass stove tops. Just put a little bit of it on a magic eraser pad, scrub, and rinse.

If you have sliding shower doors, you’ll want to occasionally clean the metal tracks that the doors run along. Simply plug the drain holes with some paper towel, fill the track with vinegar, and let sit overnight. Voila! The mess wipes away in the morning. Shine on and keep sparkling!