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Barn Door Shower Sliders

Apparently sheltering at home can move a new shower or bathroom remodel higher up the to-do list rather quickly. If you’re less than enthusiastic about your shower, you’re not alone. We’ve been fielding a lot of calls asking for shower door information.

International Women’s Day

In honor of Women in Construction Week and International Women’s Day, Binswanger Glass Virginia Area Manager Linda Harris took some time to share her insight on teambuilding, leadership and women in the glass industry

Why Partner with Binswanger Glass?

If you are a general contractor or a general homeowner, the qualities you are looking for in a glass partner are the same.

Grid Showers

To say that grid showers are exploding in popularity is an understatement.

Trends in Decorative Glass

The mantra of decorative glass is “new”. New products, new colors, new coatings, new textures, new applications.

Glass or Plexiglass?

Trying to decide whether glass or plexiglass is right for your purpose? First, let’s start by defining what plexiglass is.

Commercial Storefront Doors

The retail business is all about image and impression. So what could be more important than a welcoming entry into your establishment?