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Love what you see! The spring and summer are great times to increase the curb appeal of your house by replacing foggy double pane windows. Kickstart your project with a call to Binswanger Glass. We’ve been a trusted name since 1872, have over 60 locations, and carry a vast selection of glass types from the nations best manufacturers.

Fogged windows are a common problem for homeowners. Insulating glass windows, also known as double-paned glass, triple-paned glass or insulating glass, can lose their seal over time and cause windows to fog up, or windows to drip with condensation. Once a seal fails, moisture becomes trapped between the panes, and can appear as a haze, disrupting your view and making it appear like your windows are always dirty.

When in proper condition, window panes are separated by an air-sealed space that reduces energy transfer in and out of a home or building, creating a multi-layer sandwich of air and glass, thereby lowering utility costs. When your glass is fogging up, the gas or air has escaped via the failed seal, allowing a small amount of water within to create the fog.

There is only one way to fix foggy windows; they need to be replaced. Some companies claim they can de-fog a window by drilling a hole into the glass. The nation’s major glass associations, including the National Glass Association (NGA/GANA) as well as the Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA), disagree and do not recommend any commercially known method to de-fog a failed insulating glass unit by drilling a hole through it. Period.

Cracked windows are another issue we see frequently. This is often caused by thermal stress. Basically, the glass gets too hot and cracks, usually in the corner. This can be prevented by heat treating the glass in windows that are directly facing the sun and where heat is trapped by heavy curtains and window dressings. Heat-treating glass is never a bad idea as it only adds a fraction to the expense but makes the glass stronger, safer, and impervious to heat stress.

If new windows for your entire home isn’t an option, the most economical choice is to replace the failed insulating glass unit, or IGU as it is commonly referred to. This leaves all of the existing frame or window components in place and allows the simple removal and replacement of the glass unit specifically. Most of the time, the glass can be replaced to exactly match the one being removed.

Whichever method you choose, selecting experienced glaziers is paramount to the success of the undertaking. Be sure to choose a company with years of relevant experience, good references, and a proven track record of over 148 years.

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