Top 10 Spring Prep Tips for Retail Storefronts

Maintenance & Repairs

With Spring in full swing, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate and ensure your store’s glass doors and storefront entrances are in tip-top shape. High-quality entrance systems can create inviting, energy-efficient, and secure environments for your customers and staff.

At Binswanger Glass, we believe in not only providing the finest glass solutions but also in helping you maintain them. Here’s your guide to Spring maintenance—keeping your pedestrian doors and entrances both welcoming and functional.

1. Deep Clean the Glass  

Clarity is key to making a customer’s first impressions last however cleaning too aggressively, and any non-routine cleaning carries a risk of permanently damaging glass surfaces. Use a mild, non-abrasive window cleaner, we suggest the world-famous Binswanger Glass glass cleaner, to remove smudges, fingerprints, and winter grime. Remember to use clean, non-abrasive soft cloths to avoid scratching the glass.

2. Doorway Maintenance  

Greet your customers with smoothly functioning doors. Check for squeaks, stiff movement, or wear and tear, and repair as needed. Frames provide the foundation of your doors and panels. A gentle wipe-down with a suitable cleaner will prevent dirt build-up and maintain the frame’s integrity.

3. Clean the Track

Debris in the track can prevent smooth door operation and can cause unnecessary wear. Clear out any accumulated dust or dirt to keep your doors gliding effortlessly.

4. Lubricate the Tracks

After cleaning, applying an appropriate lubricant ensures the doors continue to move smoothly, reducing the strain on automatic door mechanisms.

5. Replace Worn Out Weatherstripping

Seals and weatherstrips protect your interior from the elements. Inspect and replace aging or damaged weatherstripping to maintain energy efficiency.

6. Check the Door Panel Alignment

Misaligned doors can pose security risks and cause operational inefficiencies. Adjust alignments to ensure the doors close correctly and the locking mechanisms engage properly.

7. Check Lighting Fixtures 

Longer days mean changing lighting needs. Ensure all outdoor and display lighting is functioning and highlights your products effectively.

8. Exterior Power Wash

Winter grime can make a store look dull. It is common practise to power wash the hard surfaces surrounding a store exterior to brighten it up for the spring cheer. Never clean windows or storefront aluminum with a pressure washer. Glass and metal surfaces should be protected during pressure washing to prevent damage. If you choose to pressure wash, it should be step one to clear the canvas for a sparkling storefront without the worry of overspray and splatter.

9. Ensure Accessibility for Every Customer

An accessible store is not just an inclusive environment; it’s often a legal requirement. Commercial doors must cater to the needs of all visitors, including those with disabilities. Properly maintained, automatic and ADA-compliant doors are not only about facilitating entry but also about sending a message of inclusivity and care to all patrons.

10. Keep Doors Open for Business

Retail outlets are high-traffic zones where door integrity is constantly tested. For national chains and retail stores, the stakes are even higher—doors must function properly to not only protect against theft but also to ensure that customers and staff can enter and exit without inconvenience. Add 800-365-9922 to your smart phone contact list and cover glass emergencies 24/7.

Our partnership ensures a swift 24/7 response to emergencies, sustained security, unhindered access for customers, and the avoidance of costly downtime. Regular door care and maintenance are investments in your business’s infrastructure that spell out reliability and accessibility—hallmarks of all successful retail operations.