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Wine Cellars

The Secret to Enjoying a Good Wine 1) Open the bottle and allow it to breathe. 2) If it does not look like it’s breathing, give it mouth-to-mouth. The only thing better than a bottle of wine is your very own cellar full of it. Many oenophiles (wine lovers) dream of building a beautiful wine […]

Home Offices

It’s not a surprise that we’ve seen an uptick in home offices. There can be many perks working from home, like saving vehicle expenses, fuel, and time. There can also be drawbacks. It takes a LOT of discipline to cut through the distractions. People often have dreams of working outdoors on their laptop until they […]

6 Things to Look For In a Residential Glass Company

Selecting the right glass company for your home improvement project is an important buying decision and requires careful consideration. Whether for showers, windows, doors, or railings, there are many decisions and factors at play: style, resale appeal, energy performance, heating/cooling savings, rebates, warranties, and budgeting. Research now will pay you back in savings of time […]

Energy Efficiency and Glass

The idea of green buildings is to design and construct spaces to use resources in a sustainable way. Glass has a significant role to play in this. All of us look through glass and windows so often that we no longer notice it. While we take for granted that buildings must be equipped with glass, […]

Residential Windows

Love what you see! The spring and summer are great times to increase the curb appeal of your house by replacing foggy double pane windows.

Barn Door Shower Sliders

Apparently sheltering at home can move a new shower or bathroom remodel higher up the to-do list rather quickly. If you’re less than enthusiastic about your shower, you’re not alone. We’ve been fielding a lot of calls asking for shower door information.

International Women’s Day

In honor of Women in Construction Week and International Women’s Day, Binswanger Glass Virginia Area Manager Linda Harris took some time to share her insight on teambuilding, leadership and women in the glass industry

Why Partner with Binswanger Glass?

If you are a general contractor or a general homeowner, the qualities you are looking for in a glass partner are the same.

Grid Showers

To say that grid showers are exploding in popularity is an understatement.