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When it comes to new construction, our world-class contract glass and glazing division is up to the challenge. Our knowledgeable team has hundreds of years of combined experience and is committed to the success of each project we work on.

Project Management: From pre-construction design to close-out inspections, Binswanger Glass collaborates with stakeholders throughout the project.

CAD: Binswanger’s Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) division provides a full range of drafting services to our customers.

Design Assist: Our estimators/project managers and commercial contract team execute leading-edge work on custom installations.

Curtain Wall Systems: Binswanger Glass pushes the envelope of curtain wall installation.

Supply Chain Management: Binswanger Glass works closely with all major primary glass manufacturers, glass fabricators, and aluminum suppliers.

Bid process: Consulting with our glass and metal experts early in a project improves the glazing system’s performance and can save money and time.

Ranked as a Top 10 US Glass & Metal Contractor by US Glass Magazine and Glass Magazine, collaboration is the key to our success. From pre-construction design assist to close-out inspections, Binswanger Glass partners with stakeholders throughout the project.

Our experienced team of fabricators, glaziers, and installers is able to work with contractors to fill the glass needs for both new construction and remodeling projects across the country.

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Binswanger Glass - Rusty Nails

Rusty Nails

VP of Contract Sales

Binswanger Glass - Mike Mullins

Michael Mullins

Sales Executive

Binswanger Glass - Stan McFall

Stan McFalls

Sales Executive

Additional Commercial Services

Learn more about Binswanger’s Commercial services. Check out out our full Commercial glass page or choose from one of our services below.