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Residential Glass Services


A steadfast commitment to customer service has made Binswanger Glass a household name for residential glass and glass-related products.

Our wide selection of residential glass products includes:


Glass Shower Enclosures and Doors

For decades, Binswanger Glass has been a leader in the installation of glass shower doors and enclosures. We provide a great variety of doors to choose from. Have one of our expert installers add brand-new glass doors today. Click here to view products.


Window Repair and Replacement

Binswanger Glass provides residential window replacement to meet any specification. We've provided more than a century of excellence to residential window customers, so when it comes to your home, you can count on Binswanger Glass.



Whether you want to make a smaller room appear more spacious or need a decorative piece for a large room, Binswanger Glass can custom design and fabricate a Mirrored Wall for you. Properly designed mirrors not only add space to a room, but also brighten it by reflecting lighting. Binswanger Glass can also supply several other types of mirrors including safety back, antique, tinted, one way, and closet door mirrors. For more options and applications- please click here.


Table Tops and Shelves

While they serve a functional purpose, Binswanger glass table tops are also pleasing to the eye as decorative furnishings. We offer a number of standard table designs that can be hand-crafted in any size and shape, with a variety of edges. The glass can be clear, frosted, or tinted, or manufactured to give the appearance of stone or marble. Once cut, the pieces can be etched, beveled, or decorated to meet any homeowner specification.


Sliding Glass Doors

A sliding glass door plays a major role in the home as a gateway to the outdoors. Binswanger Glass has several different styles at its disposal to add form, function, and value to such a crucial part of your home.


Window Screens

Add a sunny, relaxing sanctuary to your home with Binswanger Glass custom porch and patio enclosures. All the enjoyment of the outdoors, without worrying about the weather.



Let natural light into your home with a skylight installed by Binswanger Glass. Skylights have been known to provide better light into your home and also make the colors and coverings on your walls appear more defined.


Decorative Glass

Binswanger Glass is the ultimate source for decorative glass options. Decorative glass can be used throughout the home in many areas including shower enclosures, table tops, shelves, cabinet inserts, and more. To see the numerous options available please click here.

Kitchen Backsplashes and Countertops

Glass is becoming the material of choice for the kitchen. With back painted backsplashes and countertops, Binswanger Glass can offer your space a dash of color and originality. In addition, the properties of glass, with its non-porous surface will not mold or attract bacteria. Add depth and expansiveness with glass backsplashes and countertops from Binswanger Glass.