Home Offices

It’s not a surprise that we’ve seen an uptick in home offices. There can be many perks working from home, like saving vehicle expenses, fuel, and time. There can also be drawbacks. It takes a LOT of discipline to cut through the distractions.

People often have dreams of working outdoors on their laptop until they discover that patio tables make terrible desks, glare from the sun ensures it’s impossible to view your screen and every time the wind kicks up, your papers go flying. Sitting on the couch with your feet up and a laptop looks comfy but is pretty much the opposite of ergonomic. If that doesn’t convince people, the scalding heat from the device usually convinces most that sitting on the couch isn’t practical.

Kids and pets are one thing; however, most folks don’t signup to live and work alongside their spouses 24/7. My friend’s wife didn’t realize he was on a Zoom meeting with his organization’s senior management when she walked into the frame wearing sparse pajamas. Hilarious for us. Awkward for them.

People need their space. We need boundaries. It’s important to have a routine and dedicated workstation. Whether that workstation is a desk in the corner or a full-blown home office, Binswanger Glass is here to help.

Glass has many inherent features that pair it perfect for any office environment. Small areas appear more open with glass. It’s easy to clean, and it’s stylish. Depending on the objective, it can also be totally transparent, semi-opaque, or completely obscure, allowing for various privacy and lighting levels.

Doors and Partitions: Glass is a very popular choice as a building material to retrofit a division from a living space to a workspace. Rather than closing a room in with drywall, glass partitions and doors open a room up and allow natural daylight, proven to enhance productivity and occupant comfort.  

Shelves: All offices gather clutter quickly; however, home offices also must contend with blending work and personal items. Shelves are an easy and effective way to add usable, functional space. Glass is a great way to step it up from melamine shelves.

Desktops: Tabletops prolong the life of new office furniture by protecting the surface from cup rings, scratches, and sun damage. It is not just wood that is vulnerable to daily wear and harmful UV. Many other office furniture materials are susceptible to damage. Glass tabletops can protect any flat surface and are easy to take care of. All you need is a dry, clean cloth and glass cleaner. We recommend Binswanger’s world-famous glass cleaner, available at any Binswanger Glass location.

Cladding: More architects, designers, lawyers, massage therapists, and beauty stylists than ever create home studios. Details like glass cladding create a professional environment that reinforces brand reputation, increasing customer loyalty, building confidence, and positioning your company as a leader.

The team at Binswanger Glass is ready to help design and install the perfect solution for your space. For more information or a free, no-obligation estimate on your home office, please call 1-800-365-9922.