Protecting Your Investment

Untreated glass is porous and, as a result, absorbs mineral deposits and soap.

To the naked eye and touch, glass is smooth. The fact of the matter is if you look at all untreated glass with a microscope, the surface is so rough that it looks like a mountain range. It is full of peaks and valleys that trap soap scum, limescale, and mineral deposits and can eventually permanently stain, etch or discolor the glass surface.  

Homeowners can protect their new shower enclosure and reduce their cleaning by ordering a glass treatment add-on that protects by sealing the surface and filling the minuscule pits. There are many excellent glass treatments available through Binswanger Glass.  

When following the proper cleaning instructions, glass treatments:  

  • Repel water (hydrophobic)  
  • Reduce water spots 
  • Are always easier to clean 
  • Stay cleaner for longer 
  • Significantly reduces the growth of bacteria 

While some products require regular after-care to extend protection for up to ten years, Guardian ShowerGuard, available from most Binswanger Glass locations, never needs to be reapplied and is backed by a robust lifetime limited warranty. ShowerGuard is fused to the glass surface using sputter coating technology. The same large-area magnetron coating equipment used to coat windows with energy-saving low emissivity coatings deposits microscopic layers of metal coatings on the glass.  

IMPORTANT: Since glass treatments make cleaning easier and can cut cleaning time by up to 90%, most of the time, all you will need is a soft cloth or sponge.  

Binswanger Glass is proud to be an authorized Guardian ShowerGuard dealer/installer. 

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